#ErdoganArmyOutOfRojava - Online protest Thursday 24th October

On Thursday, 24th October, 12:30 pm (GMT+2, Paris time), we will organise an international online demonstration to call attention to the situation of Rojava, Syria, where the Kurdish people is being attacked by Erdogan. Everyone will tweet at the same time around the globe with #ErdoganArmyOutOfRojava to call out our leaders to take action. To take part, share this page, join the Facebook event and on Thursday, 24th October, 12:30 pm (GMT+2, Paris time), tweet with #ErdoganArmyOutOfRojava. You may use the ready-made tweets below.

3 ways of acting

1. Share this page

2. Join and share the Facebook event

3. Thursday 24th of october at 12h30 (UTC+2, Paris), participate to the online protest with the tweets ready to be shared below :

The Kurds are our allies in the fight against ISIS. We won’t accept that Trump’s USA and Macron’s France abandon them. Erdogan must stop his attack against Rojava in Syria. #ErdoganArmyOutOfRojava

Erdogan’s invasion of Syria is unlawful according to international law and must be stopped. Syria’s borders must be respected. The Turkish army must cease fire and go back to Turkey ! #ErdoganArmyOutOfRojava

What is the EU doing to prevent the Kurds being slaughtered by Erdogan ? Nothing ! What is the « international community » waiting for to put pressure on Erdogan by recalling their ambassadors back and enforcing a no-fly zone ? #ErdoganArmyOutOfRojava

The Kurdish people is almost the only one to stand for a political solution that would lead to lasting peace in the area. On the other side, Erdogan stands for the old solutions of religious obscurantism and autocratic autoritarism. #ErdoganArmyOutOfRojava

Erdogan’s army frees the islamist terrorists from ISIS in Rojava. The aggression against the Kurds is a threat for the entire world and must be stopped immediately. #ErdoganArmyOutOfRojava

Kurds in Rojava stand for democracy, feminism, secularism and respect for minorities. This is why the islamist dictator Erdogan wants to exterminate them. This is why we must defend them. #ErdoganArmyOutOfRojava

In his aggression against the Kurds, Erdogan fights alongside islamist militias. Erdogan is a terrorist ally, while the Kurds in Rojava have been our shield against them. That’s why the islamist aggression in Rojava must stop now ! #ErdoganArmyOutOfRojava 

Kurdish being slaughtered in Syria :
114 civilian deaths
300 000 displaced
The Kurds fought ISIS for humanity as a whole, we have no right to abandon them. #ErdoganArmyOutOfRojava

 Kurdish being slaughtered in Syria : a no-flight zone must be enforced in order to put an end to the bombing of civilians. We cannot abandon the Kurds. #ErdoganArmyOutOfRojava

We cannot stand idly while Erdogan invades Rojava. The Kurds have been developing an unrivaled political project of democracy, feminism, equality, secularism and social progress. We have to help our Kurdish allies. #ErdoganArmyOutOfRojava

The European Union outsources its migration policy to Erdogan for 6 billion euros a year. That’s 6 billion every year for Erdogan who is currently busy killing our Kurdish allies. Backstabbers ! #ErdoganArmyOutOfRojava